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AHIC - Advances in Health Informatics Conference

NIHI will hold a international "Advances in Health Informatics Conference" (AHIC) every two years. AHIC is a top-tier, peer-reviewed, international Health Informatics conference addressing both research and education which attracts scientistis, visionaries, leaders and experts from around the globe.

AHIC 2012 logo

The second international Health Informatics conference (AHIC 2012) was held April 25 - 27, 2012 at the Shulich School of Business Executive Learning Centre at York University in Toronto, Ontario. An exciting aspect of this conference was that it will provided onsite and remote attendance to enable true global participation. Main sessions were webcast to the e-participants. An online archive of key presentation recordings is available.

The Co-Hosts for AHIC 2012 were York University's Faculty of Science and Engineering, Faculty of Health and the Schulich School of Business and the National Institutes of Health Informatics.

AHIC 2012 addressed the crucial topic of integrated diagnostics and integrated clinical care delivery, the fusion of information and knowledge at the point of care. Presentations focused on work that brings information from the multitude of diagnostic processes together into a holistic presentation for the care provider. Examples include combining Diagnostic Radiology Imaging with Digital Pathology, integrating high dimensional data sets and making distillations available at the point of care, and visualizing high dimensional clinical data sets.

To realize this, Dr. Bruce Friedman, Emeritus Professor of Pathology, University of Michigan Medical School, and Dr. Nick Cercone, Professor of Engineering and Computer Science, York University were co-chairs. Dr. Friedman is a Pathologist who has immense experience in pathology informatics and has organized continuing medical conferences for nearly forty years. Dr. Cercone, a noted Computer Scientist, is an expert in knowledge representation, retrieval and management.

AHIC 2012 submissions were categorized as either foundational contributions of novel informatics concepts, methods, and tools, or the application and evaluation of informatics within the practical, day-to-day health care practice and education.

This theme provided a forum for scientists, experts, leaders and educators with a variety of interests to showcase their advanced contributions to health informatics research and education. All presentations at AHIC will be peer-reviewed by independent panels of researchers and educators to ensure a high quality program.

Best Student Poster & Paper Prize Winners

AHIC 2012 Best Student Posters
1st Place - Pavel Roshanov, McMaster University - Determinants of Success in Computerized Clinical Decision Support: Results from Meta-Regression of 162 Randomized Comparisons
2nd Place- Michael Hayes, Western University - Sports Injury Mobile Application
3rd Place - Sahar Alsharif, Dalhousie University - Evaluation of Medication Order Turn-Around Time Following Implementation of Digital Fax Technology for Prescriber Order Transmission To Pharmacy in a Tertiary Care Hospital

AHIC 2012 Best Student Papers - 3-Way 1st Place Tie
Nima Hashemian, Dalhousie University - Modeling Clinical Pathways as Business Process Models using Business Process Modeling Notation
Andrea Steadman, University of Ontario Institute of Technology - Using PaJMa to Enable Comparative Assessment of Health Care Processes within Canadian Neonatal Intensive Care Units
Serene Wong, York University - Characterizing Healthy and Disease States by Systematically Comparing Differential Correlation Networks in Lung

A video archive of plenary and key paper presentations is available.

For more information about the conference, please go to:

AHIC 2010

This first international Health Informatics conference (AHIC 2010) was held April 28 - 30, 2010 at the University of Waterloo's new Health Sciences Campus at the School of Pharmacy in Kitchener, Ontario. This inaugural conference was co-hosted by the National Institutes of Health Informatics (NIHI) along with the Waterloo Institute for Health Informatics Research (WIHIR), School of Pharmacy and the School of Optometry at the Unviersity of Waterloo. AHIC 2010 was one of the first international Health Informatics conferences which supported virtual or e-participants as well on-site participants to enable true global participation. Sessions were webcast to the e-participants. The conference had three primary themes: 1) progress in health informatics research in foundational and applied research 2) advances in health informatics education 3) new developments in evidence-based eHealth policy development and implementation or healthcare practice.

A video archive of plenary and key paper presentations is available.

For more information about the conference, please go to:

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