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Healthcare Analytics

Upcoming Healthcare Analytics Events

Navigating Healthcare Data: Producing Reproducible Analytic Products

There is more than enough data in our healthcare system, but it can be challenging to link this data to improving patient outcomes and system performance. Develop strategies to create data that is “language and tool-agnostic” so that your data and analytic work can be leveraged for multiple projects and purposes. 

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Previous Healthcare Analytics Events

Healthcare Analytics Makeover

This workshop will provide the tools that will enable a healthcare organization to identify vital components within their system of analytics that can be enhanced to improve overall capability and/or value and ultimately provide the more timely, accurate, and reliable insight that decision-makers require to operate a modern healthcare organization. 

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Data Analytics Primer for Healthcare Leaders - Transforming management with (the proper) analytics

This session will provide healthcare leaders with the essential information they need to fully leverage the power of the data within their healthcare organizations. The goal is to provide healthcare decision-makers with the knowledge and tools to immediately improve analytics effectiveness and return-on-investment within your healthcare organization. The session will cover how to synthesize data from source systems with proven Quality Improvement (QI) methodologies, well-defined quality and performance goals, and powerful analytical methods to enable more insightful, fact-based decisions within a healthcare organization.

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A User's Guide to Results from Descriptive, Comparative and Predictive Analyses

It seems that everywhere we turn, someone is talking about harnessing the power of analytics and ‘Big Data’ to help us make decisions about healthcare finances and delivery or how to personalize care for individual patients. Consultants are marketing data platforms and analytic services that leverage electronic health records and administrative databases to find answers for healthcare decision makers. But how can you tell if the answers are true? These sessions look at the background and principles for sensible interpretation of results from routine healthcare data. This is NOT a technical guide on how to perform analyses.

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A Strategic Framework for Quality and Performance Improvement

Using real-life success stories and lessons learned from the front-lines of health care, this two-part series will enable attendees to accelerate the transformation from relying on generic reports and dashboards to achieving truly useful Quality Improvement (QI)-focused analytic information and insights.

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Advanced Healthcare Performance Measurement

The complexity of health care demands that a robust approach to measuring quality be followed. Healthcare quality and performance must be defined in terms that are quantifiable—meaning they can be measured, monitored, analyzed, and acted on. Quantitative approaches combined with proven quality improvement frameworks and tools improve decision making by replacing gut instinct with data-driven, transparent, verifiable, and robust decision methods.

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Data Analytics Essentials for Today's Healthcare Organization

Healthcare analytics is the system of tools, techniques, and people required to consistently and reliably generate accurate, validated, and trustworthy business and clinical insight. This series will focus on providing participants with the essential knowledge required to better utilize healthcare data and analytics for informing administrative and clinical decision-making. In the sessions, participants will learn what healthcare analytics is, and how analytics tools and techniques can be leveraged to improve healthcare quality and performance improvement initiatives.

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Data Liberation & Actionable Analytics

Canadian healthcare organizations often have sufficient health data on hand to make progress on meaningful, actionable steps with analytics NOW, and do not need to wait for a future when there may be an idealized, elaborate, structured health data model. In other words, the best place to start is where they are. 
The successful journey to actionable analytics is a cyclical passage that should begin not with the data, but rather with the question, outcome or business problem. 

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Demystifying Predictive Analytics

Data mining, machine learning, regression modeling, statistical learning - it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin! Don’t be impressed by the jargon. A few key principles will help you stay cool amidst the predictive analytics hype.

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Health Analytics, Precision Medicine and the Patient

Precision medicine is an emerging field in which treatments are tailored to an individual’s genes, environment and lifestyle, and is on the cutting edge of cancer treatment. U.S. President Obama launched the Precision Medicine Initiative with a $215 million investment in the President’s 2016 Budget. The Precision Medicine Initiative will pioneer a new model of patient-powered research that promises to accelerate biomedical discoveries and provide clinicians with new tools, knowledge, and therapies to select which treatments will work best for which patients.

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Healthcare Quality and Performance Improvement Data Analysis Using R

This course is designed for analysts with experience in one or more business intelligence, reporting, and/or dash boarding tools but who are looking for a more robust tool that enables increased insight gained from healthcare-related data sources (such as electronic medical records, surveys, and even social media).

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Landscape of Clinical Analytics in Canada

The hype cycle of analytics has reached the trough of disillusionment. What should the end-game of analytics in health care be? Predictive and prescriptive analytics are only part of the story. We need more sophisticated research studies and more sophisticated application of analytics to our healthcare system. Find out where Canada is in terms of use of data for improved patient care and patient experience and improved health system efficiency, in this cross-country survey. You'll also learn about the roadmap we need to follow to reach a satisfactory win for our health system.

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Transformational Analytics - Using data strategically to achieve your healthcare improvement efforts

The six main components of the Strategic Analytics Framework (Context, Dialogue, Data, Team, Techniques, and Technology) empower an organization to fully leverage the power of the data within their healthcare organizations and to provide healthcare decision-makers with the knowledge and tools to identify improvement opportunities, align improvement efforts throughout the organization, and closely monitor progress towards achieving the goals of transformation. 

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