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Health Informatics Bootcamp

The Health Informatics Bootcamp is an intensive, highly interactive course which focuses on facing the challenges in advancing the cause of eHealth.

Latest Bootcamp

Usability for eHealth – From EHRs to mobile health

The usability of health information systems and technologies has become a major issue in eHealth. There are many reports of eHealth solutions that failed to take into account human factors. These factors need to be considered in making systems easy to use and effective for health professionals as well as for patients and lay people. In this bootcamp you will learn about usability, how it can be measured, assessed and improved. We will also examine some of the issues with current eHealth solutions and how lessons learned from the success of mobile applications and the smartphone can be applied. Criteria for designing and evaluating the usability of eHealth solutions will be described, along with an effective, simple and practical approach known as low-cost rapid usability testing.

The Bootcamp is a live, online education program. This Bootcamp will feature ‘”exploratory” or “discovery” sessions. The Bootcamp, which is now in its 13th year of operation and with over 1500 graduates, will be led by one of Canada’s top experts in Health Informatics (HI), Professor Dominic Covvey, President of NIHI, and two of Canada’s HI authorities known for their expertise in usability, Dr. Andre Kushniruk and Dr. Elizabeth Borycki, both at the University of Victoria. 

Please join us … and come with your thinking caps in hand!

This workshop will:

1. Be highly interactive and exploratory.

2. Motivate participants to look more deeply and more comprehensively into usability and human interfaces in support of human health.

3. Explore major issues that have arisen as we confront real-world situations. 

4. Identify knowledge and skills that are now required of health informaticians and how these may need to evolve over their careers.

5. Engage participants in contributing to the set of knowledge and skills required to realize value from eHealth systems.


Learning Objectives


Participants in this Bootcamp will be able to: 

  1. Recognize the need for a deeper understanding of the interaction between humans and systems
  2. Develop a list of new areas to pursue related to their own personal ‘bucket list’ for learning.
  3. Participate in the identifying competencies/capabilities either not typically addressed in existing educational programs and/or that have become apparent during work experience.
  4. Define the requirements for the implementation of systems that actually change and improve how we interact with and use systems.


Past Bootcamp Comments


Very glad I attended!... Speakers were excellent and topics covered a good range... Looking forward to learning more in the online portion.  Thanks for the great experience! 

- Spring 2013 UW Bootcamper


Presented great information.  I learned a lot, especially on new innovations & practices. 
- Fall 2012 Toronto Bootcamper

Wonderful validation and opportunity to expand my knowledge, horizons and networking.
- Fall 2011 Winnipeg ICTAM Bootcamper


Networking opportunities were key - broad range of organizations and expertise, generated a lot of ideas to take back to my org.
- Fall 2011 Sick Kids Bootcamper


Huge source of information, references, opportunities, room for personal growth and immediately applicable to the way I currently work. 

- Fall 2010 Calgary Bootcamper

Coming from the IT side of Health Care - it is interesting to see/hear how much technology assists in healthcare. We "know" about it but talking about it here shows how vast it is used in everything.
Spring 2010 UW Bootcamper

Definitely met expectations. I was looking for an overview/details on Health Informatics to provide more background on the Healthcare industry as it relates to my role & this course was great at doing so.
- Fall 2009 York Bootcamper

Very well organized. Overall the sessions were very informative and caused an increase level of interest to pursue further knowledge/education.
- Spring 2009 UW Bootcamper

Great way to get people informed, motivated and networking with each other. Great job! 
- Spring 2009 UOIT Bootcamper


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