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NIHI Special Pandemic Series

Privacy and The Pandemic

April 30, 2020

Brendan Seaton, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Privacy Horizon Inc.; Past President, ITAC Health
Patrick Lo, CEO, Privacy Horizon Inc.

As the world tackles the pandemic, information sharing for public health reasons and privacy protection is an ongoing debate. Join privacy experts Brendan Seaton and Patrick Lo as they explore how the world has changed and how privacy will support a global recovery based on information and evidence. They will discuss what we have learned from past crises such as 9/11, SARS and H1N1; what we are learning today as we work and school our children from home, keeping our social distance, and maintain critical services; and what the future holds as privacy invasive technologies such as artificial intelligence and electronic surveillance drive innovation and change.

Where is privacy in the midst of the pandemic? Is privacy an enabler or inhibitor as we struggle to cope with the challenge? This special session will put you ahead of the curve as you help guide your organization back to the new normal.

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Virtual Care and The Pandemic

May 28, 2020

Laurie Lafleur, Senior Healthcare IT Consultant, Paragon Consulting Partners, LLC.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on health care organizations. With physical distancing in full swing and a focus on mitigating exposure risk for providers and patients alike, a rapid shift towards virtual care delivery has occurred. Telemedicine, remote monitoring, and other forms of virtual collaboration have achieved renewed support and widespread adoption to ensure Canadians can still access quality healthcare during these trying times. How has this impacted care delivery today, how will it shape care delivery tomorrow, and how can we ensure that the positive effects on the quality and efficiency of care delivery persist in the long term?

This session will explore the role of virtual care during the COVID-19 pandemic, how it has evolved in a few short months, and the future impact of these changes will have on care delivery going forward.

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ROI and The Pandemic

June 25, 2020

Suzanne Schell, CRP, BBA, CEO, ROI Institute Canada

We need to think differently now. Today more than ever, there is a need to connect investments in programs and initiatives that improve organizational outcomes. Health care in Canada before the pandemic was financially strained and now the strain has significantly increased. The Pandemic has shifted the normal of care delivery for healthcare providers and patients with new programs, protocols and procedures such as telehealth, virtual care, new PPE protocols, and surgery scheduling. As we move forward, there will be an increasing demand and need to prove that the value of these programs and initiatives outweigh the costs. There will also be a need to invest in new programs, protocols and procedures as a result of COVID-19. Funding requests will be met with a requirement to prove their value. To do that credibly, organizations need a proven process. The ROI Methodology leads the way in changing the approach to designing and measuring healthcare initiatives.

Join us and learn the why and the how to prove value, impact and ROI of healthcare programs, projects and initiatives to chart your path forward.

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