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NIHI has recorded many of our online sessions. These recordings are an excellent way to gain essential information about key areas in Health Informatics and eHealth, to further or update your knowledge, and to fill in knowledge gaps. The instructors of each series are experts in the particular topic.

We are opening up the archive so you can view these recordings on demand. You can register for one or more of the series of online sessions. Once you have registered, you will receive access for one month to view the recorded series at a time convenient to you and wherever you are with Internet access as many times as you want.   Each session in a series is approximately 1.5 hours. 
Note: If you register for a large amount of online sessions, access will be granted for longer than one month.


All fees are in Canadian dollars and do not include taxes. Fees are subject to 13% HST (HST # R857676894) tax.  

Series Available

Advanced Health Informatics Series
Using Complexity Science in eHealth
How Complexity Can Help in the Development and Management of eHealth Applications
Session 1: Signs of Trouble; Helping Understand Complexity; Nature of Complexity
Session 2: Nature of Complexity Cont'd; Responses

Change Management Series
Change Management: Healthcare Organization Essentials
Session 1: Introduction, individual vs. organizational change, change management models, sources of resistance, success criteria
Session 2: Descriptors, projects, organization success factors, approaches, adoption of EMRs & change effects, scenarios & case studies
Change Management: HIM Professionals
This session presents examples from both changes at a professional level and a personal level that will help HIM professionals move forward and become more resilient and adaptable in life and work.

Data Standards & Terminology Series
Data Standards and SNOMED
Session 1: Introduction to SNOMED, Data Standards and Ontologies
Session 2: SNOMED, Deploying and Using SNOMED: Experiences, Impact and Challenges
Session 3: SNOMED: Its Impact, Limitations, Vendor Challenges and Future
Introduction to Terminology Services
This session covers the process, people, technology & governance required to enable the adoption, selection & management of clinical terminologies.

eHealth Design & Architecture
A Model for Patient Engagement Through Mobile Apps $69
Best Practices in Health Information Technology Implementation $69
Bold Ideas in Health Care: A New Health Currency For Disease Prevention $69
Canada's Chronic Disease Surveillance Network: Architecture & Next Steps $69
Creating the Next Generation mHealth App: A Reference Architecture $69
Learning from Amazon: Building the Next Generation EMR Form $69
Lowering Costs in Health Care: Architecting Health Care for Diabetes Prevention $69
Opioid Manager - Addressing the Opioid Epidemic $69
What Diabetes Prevention Apps Should Have and Why $69
Rigorous Evaluation of mHealth Apps for Clinical Use $69
Re-Architecting Interoperability $69
Review of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy mHealth Apps in App Stores $69

eHealth Future Trends Series
eHealth Future Trends
Session 1: Data Collection - explores how emerging technologies will transform the manner in which data is collected
Session 2: Data Storage & Retrieval - examines technological forces driving changes in EMR, EHR & other repositories
Session 3: Analytics - explores technological advances that support the re-use of information collected in digital form
Canada's Innovation Agenda: Feasible or Fantasy?
How is the new Agenda different? Will we repeat past mistakes and invest in mediocrity or will we propel Canada's health system to new heights?
The Challenges of eHealth Vendors in Canada
This session will address various challenges and it will seek to propose solutions that will shine a light on the need for a course adjustment as we move beyond the solutions of yesterday and toward the next generation of healthcare technology.

eHealth Leadership Series
eHealth Leadership
Session 1: Introduction to Great Leadership
Session 2: Are Leaders Born or Made? 
Session 3: eHealth Leadership
Session 4: Women in Leadership
International Women's Day Specials
Session 1: Women in Leadership
Session 2: Addressing Workplace Challenges: Recognition, Parity, Bias, Flexibility, Leadership
Session 3: Professional Coaching: Is it for you?
Session 4: #PressforProgress: Leaning In, Leaning Out?…Standing Up!!

eHealth Skills Series
eHealth Evaluation - Introduction to Quantitative & Qualitative Methods  $159
Usability Testing Essentials $69
Introduction to Evidence-Based Medicine $69

eHealth Strategies Series
A Diagnosis of the Digital Health Agenda in Canada: Strategies & Decisions - Past and Future
Session covers decisions of the past that have influenced the digital agenda, a national assessment of where we are as of today and a forward look on how the digital agenda needs to be shaped to support the healthcare sector.
2016 Digital Health: Canadian Status Report Update & Important Next Steps
What progress has Canada made in implementing digital health? Where is Canada in the deployment of electronic health records?
2017 Digital Health: Canadian & Provincial Status Report Update
This two-session series will cover Canada’s approach to implementing a pan-Canadian electronic health record and the current state of development of digital health and the implementation of electronic health records in all provinces.
eHealth Shared Services: Principles & Tools for Effective Governance
This 3 part series covers an explanation of eHealth services and why and how they can be shared between health providers.  The second and third part cover more advance topics including Models, Governance Mdoels, Service Level Agreements, & the Cloud.
eHealth Strategies and Electronic Health Records
Session 1: Models and General Principles
Session 2: Elements of the Strategy

eHealth Systems 101
eHealth Systems 101: Essential Concepts
This session covers the essential concepts of systems including the unique nature of software and how it is designed & built.
eHealth Systems 101: Good Practices for Software Development & Deployment
This session covers key approaches & good practices that eHealth professionals should take in healthcare software development & deployment.

Healthcare Analytics Series
A Strategic Framework for Quality & Performance Improvements
Session 1: Analytics System Strategic Framework, Business & Quality Context, Stakeholders & Users, Processes & Data
Session 2: Analytics Tools & Techniques, Team & Training, Technology & Infrastructure, Strategy Execution
A User's Guide to Results from Descriptive, Comparative and Predictive Analyses 
Session 1: Fundamental Concepts
Session 2: Data, Datasets and Decision Making
Advanced Healthcare Performance Measurement
This session covers obtaining good data and how to visualize data to identify healthcare quality and performance issues, improvement opportunities, and progress towards improvement
Data Liberation & Actionable Analytics
The successful journey to actionable analytics is a cyclical passage that should begin not with the data, but rather with the question, outcome or business problem.
Data Analytics Essentials for Today's Healthcare Organization
Session 1: Introduction to Healthcare Analytics
Session 2: Numeric & Data Literacy
Session 3: Quality & Performance Improvement with Analytics
Session 4: Advanced Analytics (Machine Learning, Simulation, Visualization etc...)
Demystifying Predictive Analytics
Session 1: Purpose & use of prediction & classification schemes in health care, where and how to find valid prediction models
Session 2: Prediction problem & requirements of the model, developing & testing new model
Healthcare Quality & Performance Improvement Data Analysis Using R
Session 1: Overview of R: packages, variables, functions, data types, vectors, data frames, lists
Session 2: Using R for Quality & Performance Improvement: loading data, factor vectors, attaching data, frequencies, numeric functions, descriptive stats, summarize or analyze different subsets, data visualizations, graphics parameters
Landscape of Cinical Analytics in Canada
Find out where Canada is in terms of use of data for improved patient care and patient experience and improved health system efficiency, in this cross-country survey. You'll also learn about the roadmap we need to follow to reach a satisfactory win for our health system.
Precision Medicine & the Patient
This session examines the following on precision medicine: current state, Canada's readiness, technical & infrastructure requirements, strategic steps & examples in practice.
Transformational Analytics: Using data strategically to achieve your healthcare improvement efforts
Discover the six essential components of a transformational analytics system (Context, Dialogue, Data, Team, Techniques, & Technology)

Health Care & IT Governance Series
Health Care & IT Governance
An Introduction to Building an IT Governance Strategy: The Legal Challenges
Session 1: Developing & Managing a Mobile Device Strategy
Session 2: eServices & the Cloud
Session 3: Software & Data Licensing - Aligning Intellectual Property Rights with an Open Data Strategy
Session 4: Implementing an IT Procurement Strategy

H4IT: Health for IT Professionals Series
Segment 1: 5 Sessions
Introduction: How the Canadian healthcare system is organized, how clinicians provide care and how these worlds are interrelated.
Segment 2: 5 Sessions
Understanding Doctors, Nurses and Other Care Providers: By examining how they think and act in clinical situations.
Segment 3: 5 Sessions
Complex Challenges in the Care of Individual Patients & Populations
Segment 4: 5 Sessions
Current Controversies in Health Care, Health Informatics and eHealth

Industrial Strength eHealth Privacy & Security Workshop Online Sessions
Privacy by Design - Ann Cavoukian, Three-Term Information & Privacy Commissioner of Ontario
We Need Privacy & Data Utility by Design: Abandon Zero-Sum

Patient Engagement Series
Patient Engagement: Health & Disease Online Self-Management Systems
This session covers recent developments in health & disease self-management in today's environment.
Patient Engagement: The Rx for Healthcare Transformation
Session 1: definition, drivers, benefits, challenges & principles
Session 2: ways technology enables & facilitates patient engagement
(patient portals, personal health records, telehealth, wearables & online communications)

Practical eHealth Series
Practical Consulting
Practical Consulting I: Giving Advice and Surviving Adversity
Practical Consulting II: Managing Work with a Profit Motive
Practical Development and Practical Workflow
Practical Development: The Major Secrets of Agile Approaches
Practical Workflow Documentation: New Methods for an Old Problem
Practical eHealth Planning $69
Practical eHealth Procurement $69
Practical Healthcare: What Professionals Working in Health Care Need to Know $69
Practical Meeting Facilitation $69
Social Media in Health Care
Session 1: Modern Web and Social Media Approaches; Specific Applications
Session 2: Benefits; Health Uses and Caveats; Guidelines; Innovation



Registration is for one person to view the recorded series. 

Once you register, you will receive instructions via email about how to access the online series within two business days.  
You will be given access for one month (30 days) to view the recorded series from when you receive the instructions.  

Payment is done online by credit card only. 

There are NO refunds.

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